Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Squirrels, squirrels, and more squirrels

I have just returned from taking squirrel #15 to its new home at the abandoned KOA kampground – in fact the live trap is still in the back seat of the car – and here comes yet another squirrel to the bird feeder to consume every last sunflower seed it can find. Is there no end to the squirrels? I guess whatever predator it is that is supposed to be keeping the squirrel population in check is either (1) gone South for the winter, (2) not doing its job, (3) or has been wiped out. This is depressing. When one who enjoys feeding the birds has been invaded by squirrels, there are several options. Put up more feeding stations than there are squirrels so while the seeds are being cleaned out in one location, the birds can get seeds at another. Invest in some squirrel-proof bird feeders -- and there are some that do work. Remove the squirrels (either alive, which we have done) or dead (not practical here because he’d be shooting toward the highway). Oh yeah, quit feeding the birds, which might ultimately be the most economical solution but not acceptable because I get so much pleasure watching them. Oh hum. Excuse me while I go get the trap…

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