Monday, May 22, 2006

Squatter’s rights

The Carolina Wren ( is ubiquitous here and just everybody has “wren nest story.” These wrens don’t build their nests in trees like the other birds. Oh no. They like to make their large piles of leaves and grass in odd places. At our house, among the places they’ve made nests include behind the radiator grill of an old car, between the supports of a small pasta machine left in the barn (cleaning that out was a chore), and in the clothespin bag. A friend had one build a nest inside the engine compartment of his tractor, another had a nest in the pocket of an old overcoat hanging on the porch. The finish work on the garage R built several years ago has ground to a halt—at least work on the last small section of the wall because of a wren nest. That’s OK, there are other things he can do. But they really aren’t happy about him working down there and so he has to endure their angry chatter while the pair of them work hard to take care of their baby (only one of the eggs hatched).

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