Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Take a seat... any seat....

So we embarked last night (yes, Monday night) on a date. Dinner and the movies. After our meal at the Chinese buffet, we did some shopping for the business and then headed on over to the movie palace. Armed with popcorn and diet soda (according to my calorie book, the popcorn probably had as many calories as the entire dinner at the buffet, but never mind), we ventured into the auditorium. Now, the 150-seat auditorium is filled to overflowing with a grand total of 3 people waiting to watch the movie, and they are sitting in the very back row, against the back wall on the left side. The theater has three sets of seats – rows on the left, rows in the middle, and rows on the right. Because we have the pick of the house, we wander down about midway and choose seats in the middle of the middle row. I turned to R and said ... “If someone comes and sits down in front me, I’m going to get up and move.” And laughed. About 5 minutes later, a couple came down the aisle, and the girl sat down in the row in front of us, one seat to my left. The guy sat down next to her on her left. And then... wait for it... he gets up, crawls over her, and sits down right in front of me. R and I burst out laughing, which I guess was very rude, and they got up and moved so they were sitting behind us on the left. A few minutes later, after the previews of coming attractions started, another couple came in. They sat down.... in the row in front us, but this time on the aisle. We didn’t laugh out loud this time. We saw “Pursuit of Happyness.” It was very good.

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