Monday, January 14, 2008

A Couple of Baboons

Like many women my age, I am suddenly plagued with little hairs on my chinny chin chin. Only in my case, they aren’t so little. Fortunately though, the hairs are white, so they are not immediately obvious when anyone looks at me. I mean it doesn’t look like I’m trying to grow a beard or anything, I only have maybe 3 or 4 hair follicles that are producing these long, wiry hairs. I am not even aware of them most of the time unless I happen to rub my chin or along my jaw and feel one. Then it drives me nuts trying to pull it out. (And yes, I do exactly the same thing as she is doing in the comic ... twiddle, twiddle, twiddle.) Its hard to see them in the mirror, and even harder to grab them with the tweezers. Fortunately, R is there to help. He regularly inspects my chin for hairs and pulls them out if he finds one. Just the other day he glanced over at me while we were standing side by side at the counter working on lunch, stopped what he was doing, grabbed my face with one hand and very kindly yanked out one of them, and then felt around for others. He starts to laugh, “just like a couple of baboons doing communal grooming...”


Donna said...

I hate those stupid stray hairs! I have single hairs sprout on my neck, and the husband sees them when we're traveling in the car and says, "Hold still" and plucks them out. I HATE that.

I'm a fellow Missourian, up near Kansas City. Hubby's relatives all came from Versailles.

E. H. Radinger said...

Maybe here in Germany we are more practical ...
I just shave my facial hair that is growing since menopause started to sprincle down on me. (no pain, just a lady shaver --- so what. Nobody will know.);-))