Saturday, May 03, 2008

Flying gumdrop...

A flash of orange caught my eye as I was pounding away on the computer keyboard, and I looked up and saw this fellow land on the bird feeder outside the window. It just took my breath way. I was very excited: I haven't seen a Baltimore Oriole at the house for several years now. So I scurried and found the oriole feeder, which is so old its color has nearly faded away, and replaced the hummingbird feeder (they didn't care, orange works fine for them too). I cut a slice of orange and put it on the bird feeder. And sure enough, within a few minutes he was back. He ate some orange and then landed on the oriole feeder and R showed up with the camera. To paraphrase an e-mail a friend sent in response to a picture I sent her of the oriole... "how important it is to stop and notice the signs of new life around or else we miss it, for sure. Thanks for sending this cheerful little orange gumdrop." Amen. Sarah Ban Breathnach, the author of Simple Abundance, writes about the importance letting our eyes "drink in the beauty that surrounds you" as we journey on the path to find order and balance in our lives. Amen to that too.

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