Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Got pollen?

We do. Lots of it. 

My heart goes out to the unfortunates in this area who suffer from allergic reactions to pollen. I can only imagine how grateful they must be to the newer allergy-relief medications that can be purchased over the counter to help them through the day. 

 Richard and I are not allergic to pollen, but we still must deal with the yellow film on the cars. Turning on the automatic window washer in the mornings makes a smeary yellow mess. And yes, I do feel a bit guilty complaining about something so minor when other people are truly suffering.


Donna said...

I'm here to tell you how to block apps on Facebook: When you see a post saying someone has done something on Farmville or Yoville or whatever, hover your cursor over the person's name and you'll see "hide" to the right of the name. Click on "hide" and it will give you the choice of either hiding the person, or hiding the app. Once you've hidden that particular app, it will never show up on your page again. You'll have to do it with each individual app, but eventually you'll have peace! Or, with gamers like myself, you can hide me and just visit my page once in awhile to see if I have anything going on besides games.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I've never experienced allergies. Several years ago we moved to a new (to us) home about one and a half miles from our former home. My husband immediately developed allergy problems. In late 2008 we moved to our new home (35 miles away). His allergies have all but disappeared and he is thankful to say the least.

Paula said...

Its the mold that gets me and we have that now after all the rain.