Friday, July 30, 2010

If you can live in it….

The oral chemotherapy drugs that our son will be taking within the next few weeks arrived at the house on Wednesday from the specialty pharmacy in St Louis.

The instructions are very specific that the drugs are to be kept away from light... and heat... and in a dry place.

We can do “away from the light,” and possibly “dry,” but “cool” is a bit harder.

We do not have air conditioning in our house.

I will pause here briefly for outpourings of sympathy from those who might understand the implications of summer in the lower Midwest of the United States without air conditioning.

The fruit cellar attached to the walk-in basement is a bit cooler, but even that is not very cool.

So, I thought I better call the pharmacy and find out if I was supposed to store the drugs in the refrigerator.

Now I have a habit sometimes of startling people by laughing when they are not expecting it. I am sure the very nice man I spoke to in St Louis was not expecting a barrage of laughter when he said, “If you can stand living in the house, the pills can stand the heat. Don’t put them in the refrigerator.”

We used to stand it much than we are standing it now – I guess that’s yet another drawback of getting older. My beloved really does need to move installing the air conditioners that are sitting in boxes in the garage to the top of the list.


Donna said...

I never had A/C until three years ago when we got this mobile home. People thought I was nuts. I would tell them, "My grandma never had air conditioning; if she could stand it, so can I."
However, as I got older, I turned into a wimp and now I LOVE my A/C.

Oklahoma Granny said...

My hat is off to you if you are able to live without air conditioning.

Far Side of Fifty said...

If you can sleep at night your house must be cool enough..that is what I use as a guage to turn on the air or not:)