Friday, April 15, 2011

Chaplin revisited

After looking at the Google logo today, which is a clever short film in honor of the anniversary of Charles Chaplin's birthday, I was reminded of a post I wrote about Charles Chaplin in 2006. No point in rewriting the whole thing or reposting the picture, but one never knows what one might come across when going through things after people have died. In this case, it was things that had belonged to my father's mother, who died of a stroke in 1958 when she was 65 years old and I was 9 years old.

After my grandfather died, one of my aunts had taken a box of things home and later we were sent this copy of a picture of my grandmother...

which was taken when she was about 18 years old. Our entire family was certainly surprised to see this picture, because most of the pictures we had of her were when she was much older. And we were even more surprised when the picture of Chaplin was found.

We have just about finished going through our son's clothes. Taking it bit by bit. We were so surprised to find that he a lot of really nice clothes that he had collected in anticipation of -- what we don't know -- but most of them he never wore because he never went anywhere that required him to dress nice -- except for church, and he did have suit for that. Certainly anything he wrote to work at the sawmill was ruined in short order. At any rate, so far, and we are so thankful for this -- there have been no unpleasant surprises in his drawers, amongst his things, or under the bed.


Donna said...

As a mother, I can relate to your relief. God bless you.

Kathy said...

I discovered you by hopping from one blog to another and was just had to stop. Your loss takes my breath away. My heart is with you.

Your spirit is one I will enjoy getting to know. I don't like shoes either.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I had to go back and read your Chaplin post. What a treasure to have a candid photo of Mr. Chaplin. Even more of a treasure is the photo of your grandmother. She was extremely beautiful.

Going through your son's things must be very hard.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It must be very hard to take care of all of your sons belongings..but something only you can do. How is the kitty doing?
I enjoyed the Chaplin story:)