Monday, July 11, 2011

That creepy-crawly feeling

Once upon a time, I taught fairly young kids – kindergarten, first grade—on Wednesday nights at church while their parents were attending the Bible study. I enjoyed the kids and most of the kids seemed to like me, and at the end of the hour, I would get hugs and off they went.

And then once, a few days after such a Wednesday night session, I got an itchy sore that began to spread… and then another... and then Richard got the itchy sores… and then Nathaniel got the itchy sores.

We could see that something was Going On.

I made an appointment with the doctor.

In the meantime, the child in question had been taken to the doctor, so by the time I saw the doctor to find out what it was, there was no “mystery diagnosis.”

I had been given scabies by the child and had thoughtfully given it to my family.

We were given a bottle of prescription medicine that we had to wash ourselves with, and I had to wash a lot of laundry in very hot water.

On Saturday while I was sitting at the computer, I kept getting this feeling that something was crawling up my right leg over the shin.

Flea? Chigger? Tick? Scabies mite?

Please, not that again!!! Although chigger bites are just about as bad.

I’d look down and I could see nothing. I’d rub the area, and creepy-crawly feeling would go away. For a while.

And then it would happen again.... and again... and again...

I got a magnifying glass and had Richard look at my leg to see if he could see any minute beastie crawling up my leg.

Nope. Nothing there.

We have concluded that a nerve in my skin was confused. Today, fortunately, it seems to have gotten a grip on its proper place in the network and is behaving itself.

So I can stop worrying about ticks, chiggers, and scabies mites. Now, if I could just do something about the two mosquito bites on my stomach.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Just the mention of ticks makes me start itching all over!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Our youngest daughter got scabies and shared it..not fun..lots of laundry:(