Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get'er done

There have been a few moments during this week where I have just wanted to shut the computer off…

walk out the door…

and never come back.

Not really.

But during this week occurred one of those periodic events that I call the “conjunction of the journals,” when all of the issue managers of the journals I copyedit have manuscripts that need to be worked on, and they need me to work on them.

Last Friday I received an e-mail from the woman who handles the dermatology journal: She has 21 manuscripts she needs done right way--by the 16th in fact--which would only be possible if I were a machine and not a flesh and blood person who needs to eat and sleep, get some exercise, watch a bit of television and have lunch with my friend at Subway, which I did on Thursday.

Who offers the suggestion that perhaps what I really do need to do is "walk away for 10 minutes..."


That is something I could do. I could take the camera and see if I can get a picture of the toadlet that lives in our basement;

I could take a short walk with Richard...

down to Big Tony’s house (who lives at the "T" up ahead there in the picture).

On Monday, the woman who handles the transplant journal sent 6 files for me to work on, and then on the Wednesday, she sent 4 "rush items" that she needs back right away, and that I was to set aside the other 6 she sent me earlier in the week. I told her that I could not get them back to her "rush" because I had too much other work piled up and that she might want to send them to someone else.

No, she writes back. You are my favorite.

I am her favorite.

I thought I was done with the orthopedic journal for the month, and on Tuesday, here came 6 more.

Also on Tuesday the journal covering diabetes sent me a manuscript. These manuscripts are incredibly difficult. It is due back Monday.

I log-on to the Web site where I retrieve the manuscripts for the vascular surgery journal, and I see there are 14 of them waiting. Fortunately, the deadline for the last of them stretches into September.

As the week progressed, I was hoping that the only journal I had yet to get anything from – the thoracic surgery journal – would not send me anything. And he did not. Thank goodness.

Richard helps to keep me grounded. He gives me a hug and a pat on the back and says...

Do the best you can and ask for more time. They will give it to you.

Of course, he is right. Having a mental meltdown will not help. All  I can do is plug along, doing the best I can.

So I have plugged away:

  • I will send the last of the rush manuscripts back on Monday. 
  • I will have the manuscript for the diabetes journal ready on Monday. 
  • I have finished 1 of the orthopedic manuscripts. 
  • I have finished 2 of the vascular surgery manuscripts.
  • I will have 14 of the dermatology manuscripts ready by the 16th and will ask for more time on the 16th.

I wonder what would happen if Richard were not here. I hope that if that time should come, that I will be retired; but then I think, because of the sort of job I have – which I really do love – I could continue to do this for a very, very long time…

As long as I don't become demented.


Have Myelin? said...

There are times I want to do that too but at least your reasons make sense, mine do not.

I'm glad you love your job. It would be terrible if you didn't.

Take good care.

Susan said...

My motto, especially in over whelmed times and positions is, "Inch by inch it's a cinch".

Far Side of Fifty said...

You sound content with your job, and I bet you are a favorite of many. A little at a time..:)