Thursday, February 21, 2013

It could be worse...

Threats of a very bad storm overnight prompted our grief counselor to reschedule to yesterday the session that was supposed to happen this morning. We had some routine shopping to do in town. The stores were very crowded with people, likely stocking up, just in case.

Richard filed up the generator, just to make sure it would work.

We hunkered down.

This morning we woke up to a very thin coating of ice only on the the cars and the porch steps. The ground was mostly clear.... then as it got lighter, sleet came pelting down, which was followed by thunder and about 5 minutes of pea-sized hail.

Usually when it hails it is during a summer thunder storm when it is hot and the hail melts within minutes. Today it is very cold, and the wind is biting, and so the hail remains on the ground.

I was able to don my cleated shoes and walk Molly Wog down the driveway, crunching through the hail and sleet, so she could do her business. I don't think she understands why we won't be walking 3 miles today.

We are very relieved the storm was not any worse. Conditions may deteriorate if it warms enough so everything melts and then it freezes again, forming a sheet of ice, but it isn't too bad so far. I could be worse...

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