Friday, January 03, 2014

Taking care of the girls…. it was quite a hen party

We were not sure what to expect when the young family with 3 children moved in to the building next door that used to be our church. For the first time we have had actual “next door neighbors” that are not a half-mile down the road.

We wondered what the children would be like. Great kids, it turns out. Happy, cheerful, polite, and very friendly. Two of our neighbor’s three children are girls, and the oldest child is a boy who likes to ride motocross. We were a little alarmed when they turned their front lawn into a motocross track, but because of the lay of the land and the trees between our property and theirs, the noise of the motorbikes wasn’t bad at all. 

A couple of days before Christmas, she came to the house with the kids and told us they were going to leave on Christmas day in the RV and head South to someplace near Florida so the boy could ride on a large motocross track and get some training.

Would I take care of the girls?

Sure I would. But it wasn’t her daughters she was talking about, it was these girls….

 I don’t remember how long it has been since I have had chickens but it has been many years. And even in the last years when I did have chickens, they were not permanent residents – they were the Cornish cross chicks that one buys from the feed store and raises for 2 months and the eats.

I had forgotten how much I like chickens. The soft sounds they make as they talk to each other, the clucking…

And these girls are beautiful… 

One of them laid an egg almost every day, despite the cold and the short days.

I did not mind taking care of them at all, but it came to an end today.

When I took the dog out this morning for her morning squirt, I saw the RV parked in the yard, so I did not go today carrying hot water for their bowl.

We did have omelets for dinner though.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Maybe you should get some chicks in the spring:)

Just Because said...

HaHa Did you use your Clever Cracker gifty?