Friday, March 20, 2015

I am not a robot

Suddenly appearing on the "Comments" window is the "I am not a robot" widget.

I didn't think anything about it until I was visiting another blog which has the "I am not a robot" widget and I wanted to leave a comment but before I could, I was made to try to type the words, one of which is so distorted it can scarcely be read.

I hate that.

So just out of curiosity, I tried leaving a comment on this blog and sure enough, I was made to type the distorted words.

I really hate that.

I didn't ask to have "I am not a robot" and I am not sure if I can make it go away.

I'll try.

I get so few comments as it is, I hate the idea that someone who just might want to leave a comment is discouraged from doing so by being made to jump through the "I am not a robot" hoop..


Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes it is there but you can just ignore it. I never type the words in and can still comment. I don't think you can get rid of it unless you change your comment layout. It doesn't show up on the comment layout I have as far as I know anyway.
I agree many people will see it and not even attempt to leave a comment:)

Paula said...

I don't ever use that since I found out I don't really have to.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Have a nice day tomorrow. We're supposed to get lots of rain which is always appreciated here in south Texas.

Cathy said...

Having moved over to wordpress a couple of years ago I still find it hard to comment because for some reason blogger wont recognise my WP open id so I have to resort to using my old blogger/google id which is a pain. Mainly because when people click on my name they arrive at the old blog andthen have to click again to get to the new one.

To keep the peace I just go withthe flow and use the old one and hope for the best. And as others have mentioned with that one I dont have to prove who I am. I have read it is bothering a lot of other bloggers as well so you are not alone with this problem
Take care

Linda Kay said...

Others have already given you the answer...just something that automatically appears, but doesn't have to be used unless initialized by the blogger.

Anonymous said...

I didn't care for the "I am not a robot", but then I decided to look at it as my brain challenge. There are some that are really hard to read, though.

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