Friday, June 26, 2015

A little change of plan.

Today is our anniversary and we had big plans. We were going to go to the Big City, do a bit of bulk buying at the big box store, go to the art museum, have a late lunch at a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant that serves good Italian and Greek food (spinach spanakopita to die for), and then go see a movie.

And then early in the week my dearly beloved went on a hunting-and-gathering expedition and severely twisted his knee when part of him turned and the other didn’t, and so we thought we had better change the plan.

I am very thankful that his knee is much better and not all that disappointed that we stayed home. As much as I enjoy the art museum, which is really quite a good one for a smaller big city, we are usually thoroughly exhausted by the time we arrived back home. 

We went to the movie last night at a local theater and saw the Pixar film Inside Out, which is a wonderful cartoon for adults. It has gotten amazing reviews, and rightly so. Some of the funniest parts of the movie occur during the closing credits. There is a scene involving cats that is hilarious.

And today, instead of driving 2 hours for Mediterranean food, we will drive 15 minutes down the road for good Mexican food.

I married him 44 years ago...

and I am very happy that I did.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Anniversary! What ever you do as long as it is together that is all that counts! Hope his knee gets better:)

Susan said...

Love the adoring look he is giving you in your wedding picture. Sounds like you had a very nice, quiet day of celebration and honoring each other.

Cathy said...

Those are the best days - the ones when you make the best of what you have. I bet you've had plenty of them over the past 44 years and will have plenty more in the years ahead. Well on your way to your Golden 50 :)
Your Dearly Beloved had a very pleased with himself look on his face, didn't he lol