Saturday, November 26, 2016

Not a Contest

At the close of the wonderful meal we had on Thursday with our friends and some of their friends (one couple we did not know), one of the other guests started asking us to tell what we were thankful for.

Like us, she has no family in the area, and so we have had Thanksgiving dinner there with her on several occasions. She has done this in the past. Richard was prepared, and so he pointed at me, and said "I am thankful for her...."

I was next in line, and I was not prepared. I was scrambling to think of what to say, and the first thing that popped into my mind was how I thankful I was that we had a new roof over our heads and that God had provided the finances for us to pay for it. I did not go into the details of just how much stress our leaking roof had caused in connection with Richard's ADD and his paralysis in making a decision -- so his ability to pick up the phone and arrange for this was such an incredible relief.

As she went around the table asking everybody, the responses started to become more and more spiritual, which was perfectly fine, but we both began to feel uncomfortable and almost embarrassed that our responses were mostly material than spiritual.

Richard commented today that it almost felt like it was a contest. I absolutely don't want to discount anybody else's response about what they said they were thankful -- I absolutely believe these were genuine and accurate reflections of how they were feeling inside -- but doggone it, I really am thankful for my new roof!


Cathy said...

And so you should be Leilani - without one of the basic needs of life (shelter) you would be in no fit state to be grateful for anything.:)

Cathy @ Still Waters

Paula said...

I think your response was head on and your husband's too. Shoot I sometime think I'm thankful for trees and their shade. I live in south Texas you know.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Of course it isn't a contest...and roofs are very important! :)

Maggie May said...

Don't feel it's a contest. Being thankful is about everything material and spiritual.
I'm sure God supplies our material needs too, sometimes through other people.
I think your responses were lovely!
No more Post-mortems!
Maggie x