Monday, February 20, 2006

Snow falling on cedars

On top of the 4 inches of snow that we woke up to on Saturday morning, came more snow Sunday afternoon. Large clumps of snow began drifting down onto the cedars and pines that surround our house, and because there has been no wind to blow it off, even this morning the snow is still clinging to the branches. It is a lovely sight. Even lovelier is the bright red cardinal against the backdrop of the pure white snow. There's not quite this much snow today -- thank goodness -- if any more falls I will have to shovel the stuff at my job on Tuesday. This picture is from several winters ago. Yesterday before the new snow started to fall, I trudged down the driveway and up to the mailbox on the access road to check for Saturday’s mail and to dump some chicken bones for the vermin to help themselves too (no point in throwing something away that could be recycled). What an interesting story is told in the pristine snow. Here was a rabbit meandering along, and a cat (but not our kitty – she was right behind me, walking in the tire tracks we made on Saturday when we went to town), and a bird, with its tail leaving sweep marks in the snow.

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