Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Angels of Mercy

The day after I got hurt, Lynn came to our house and offered the use of a wheelchair they no longer needed. It was such a blessing. It was custom designed to fit Judy, and thus it was narrow enough to fit through all the narrow doors in our house.

But now it is time to give the chair back, which we did after church on Sunday.

Judy has muscular dystrophy. When she was 20 years old, they told her she would be dead by 30. She proved them wrong, she will soon be 50 years old.

The disease has taken a slow, inexorable toll on her body. Now she can use one arm well, has partial use of the other arm, and can move her head and shoulders. She requires a permanent respirator to breathe, which is powered by a battery and sits on the back of her motorized wheelchair .

It is not a simple matter for them to just run out to the car when they want to someplace...

but they have equipped themselves...
and manage quite well.

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