Friday, May 01, 2009

I don’t do that anymore

Yesterday the Book Lady and I went to lunch at the pizza place. Just as we finished placing our orders at the counter and had moved on to getting our water (I refuse to pay $1.50 for a glass of soda), a woman I know to speak too came up to me and asked if I still cleaned houses. Her cleaning lady has injured her knee and can’t work for 8 weeks or more.

I first met this woman at a water aerobics class maybe 5 summers ago. I know quite a bit about her even though I don’t remember her name. They were going to move here from Chicago as soon as her husband retired from his job, and they had bought a place out in the country and were spending the summer fixing it up. Eventually, they did retire and move here permanently, and about 2 years ago she opened antique store.

At any rate, at the time I met her I think I still was cleaning houses.

I barely clean my own house these days, and I don’t clean houses any more to earn money.

In times gone by, I never--ever--said “no” if there was an opportunity to earn money.

This time was different. I have a new career.

I said, “No, I’m sorry, but I don’t do that any more.”

It was such a liberating feeling to say no.

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Kikit said...

Saying 'no' is part of what we call courage. :)