Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chip and Dale

Many folks my age enjoyed watching the antics of Chip and Dale as they tormented Pluto, Donald Duck, and various other Walt Disney characters in the cartoons we watched in the 1950s.

I don't need to go digging through the archives of ancient cartoons to enjoy my very own Chip and Dale (No! not Chippendale!!) show. I get to watch one fairly regularly from the window in front of my computer.

There are at least 2 chipmunks that live somewhere on the north side of the house. Unlike Chip and Dale, they don't have different colored noses or different configurations of teeth, one is a bit lighter across the back and tends to frequent the feeding table.

I call it Dale.

The other one comes most frequently to the post feeder, which is situated about 3 feet from my window.

I call this one Chip.

Most of the time, the chipmunks just vacuum up the seeds until their face are bulging...

and then they speed off to store them someplace.

Once in a while, they actually stop and eat the seeds.

Picking them up one by one in their little paws.

Chipmunks are not very sociable animals, so on the occasions when one happens to venture onto the other one's spot, they fight about it. They chase each other around. It is hilarious. But I guess you have to be here to see it.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Those little guys are so adorable! One of the engineers that I used to work with does not like the sweet little things. He told me they were very destructive to his property and he "gets rid" of them. Sad, sad, sad.

Thanks so much for my lesson of the day on quonset huts. I've always said you should learn at least one new thing every day and this was mine. On another note, I had a brother-in-law once that used to hunt squirrels. I've watched him clean them many times. My photo isn't quite that bad but maybe about the same as a skeleton. I may publish it, I just need to think about it. Mainly I just can't understand how it might have happened.

Andora said...

I love those little guys,they are just so cute.good pics of them,really close..

Cloudia said...

Thank you for these great photos, a heartwrming true life nature channel, and for happy memories of chip and dale (after YOU!)
Alphonse & Gaston: google it ;-]

Comfort Spiral

The Weaver of Grass said...

Wish one would come to my bird table LL - I have to make do with greater spotted woodpeckers and the odd pheasant.

Cathy said...

Hello LL
Thank you for dropping in to my place ad for your comments. We had a great time away and I plan to post more as the days go by, missing the armer weather tho and the lazy Queensland life style but summer will arrive here soon. Just hope its not the horrific like the last one we had. don't want a repeat of the fires from Black Saturday in February just gone.
anyway I must tell you that the reason golfers carry little sand buckets is so they can fill in the holes (divots) they make in the ground when they hit or rather mishit the ball. Its a safety issue of filling in those holes so people don't trip over and also helps the grass to grow back again.
Well thats what my Dh tells me lol
Take care and do drop in again

Kathy said...

I love watching little critters. They are so cute and always so busy. Great pictures!