Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hanging Around

I don't know if other writers of blogs do this or not, but I often find I see something that I think might make an interesting topic for a post, and then I take a bunch of pictures, and then something even more interesting happens that I think would make an interesting topic for a post, and I take a bunch of pictures.... and before too long, I have totally forgotten the original thing I wanted to write about.

So yesterday as I was heading out of the house, I noted that once again the storm door had not closed all the way (because the house is crooked, but that's another story) and a lizard had come in off the porch and was sitting on the carpet just inside the door in a patch of sunlight. These five-lined skinks patrol the porch fairly regularly looking for bugs, and because the barrier between outside and inside has become somewhat nebulous over the years, this is not the first time one has come in the house.

Anyway, the lizard reminded me that I had stalked a lizard a few weeks ago....

I happened to see the lizard scurrying along the foundation of the house and it let me get remarkably close.

About 2 seconds after I took this picture, a small grasshopper leaped on the brick right in front of the lizard and was eaten.

Of course I totally missed that shot.

From time to time Richard gets promotional materials from paper companies that make high quality paper for printing works of art (photographs, lithographs, etc) and other uses, and often these are small posters. Most recently came this one in the mail. The cougar's tongue is actually rough. Go ahead, run your finger over the image....

A long time ago, this poster came, and I have it up on the wall where I work.

I love the details in the stucco in addition to the lizard.

Somehow, the concrete blocks of the foundation in my pictures aren't quite as interesting as the stucco in this one.


Tami said...

They are lovely! I love little lizards and salamanders!

Kathy said...

Your pictures are wonderful and so are the posters! I worked at a pet store for a while and fell in love with lizards. We use to put the baby iguanas in a tub and they would just swim and glide around so content. I really wanted to get one, but man they get so darn big and I live in a 1000 square foot house!

Yes, what I'm making is a sleigh/sled. Stop by my blog to see what you've won!

Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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