Monday, November 16, 2009

A Journey of 1000 Miles

I am a member of Bookcrossings,  an organization that promotes recycling paperback books by leaving them in public places for other people to pick up and read.

A few weeks ago, my cousin in Washington, DC, sent me a Bookcrossings book that he had received, The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers, by Lilian Jackson Braun, complete with the appropriate Bookcrossing stickers. I knew I was going to write about Bookcrossings and getting this book and liberating it, but I neglected to photograph the book, not thinking too clearly at the time.

I read it just before I left for California, and I knew I definitely did not want to keep it, so I decided to take it along with me and leave it at one of the airports. At that point, the book's journey had taken it at least 2300 miles; who knows where it had been before then.

Aside from giving books to the Thrift Store to sell, I have liberated books before -- the last time I traveled in July, I left a copy of the paperback, Dr Metzger's Dog, by Thomas Perry at the Orange County airport.

After I reached the gate at Los Angeles International for the return trip flight to Dallas Ft/Worth, I sat the book the "end table" next to where I was sitting (once again forgetting to take a picture of it) and then got up to put some water in my bottle. When I returned to the seat, a woman was reading the book.

The book came to me in the Midwest from the East, then travelled to the West Coast, and now I wonder where it will end up. Where was her home? I almost approached her to find out - in fact, I am not usually shy at all about talking to strangers, But for some reason I let inertia take over, and before I could talk myself into an interview with her...

she got up and walked away, the book peeking out of the top of her bag.

I didn't see her again. I don't know if she was on the flight to Dallas/Ft Worth, but I think I would remember that bright purple outfit.

So, book where are you? Back East again? North, South? I did not like the book very much, but even so, I wish it well on its journey.


Cloudia said...

A copy of my little Hawaii novel: "Aloha Where You Like Go?" went onboard the sailing canoe Hokulea's journey to Japan last year! I love imagining all the places it travels and all the people it touches. Sometimes I even here from strangers who become friends. Good post today.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Donna said...

I never heard of BookCrossing, but what a great idea!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Like Donna, I've never heard of Bookcrossings before. What an interesting concept!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have not heard of Bookcrossing either..but it sounds like a fantastic idea. Years ago we had a small fishing resort..No Tvs or the recreation room I had board games and a small lending library..people brought me books from all was fun to see what they left for me to read:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey, I was reading some of your older posts. Please accept my sympathy..I read that your lovely Mom died. I did love the photo of her reading one of my favorite books. What a reunion you will have when you see her again in Heaven. :)