Friday, November 06, 2009

Twosie Balls

My folks id not feel comfortable using in front of their children the words other people used to talk about bodily functions involving the toilet. They did not say urinate or defecate, or pee or poop, and most definitely none of coarser or the even worse four-letter words.

Instead, we went "number one" - or "onsies" -- or "number two" - "twosies". And of course, in our minds, those words became the equivalent of the four-letter variety and our response was usually furtive giggling when anyone innocently said those words in another context, such as hopscotch.

Our folks have an old-fashioned metal food grinder that clamps to the counter, with a hopper in the top and an auger and discs with different sized holes. When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was help dad grind cranberries, oranges, and apples for the Thanksgiving Day dinner relish. The cranberries made a wonderful popping sound.

Then he found a recipe for a very healthy confection consisting of dried dates, figs, prunes, and walnuts, mixed with a little orange juice and rolled into balls, and then the balls were rolled into powdered sugar. They looked a lot like... you know what... and we all called them twosie balls.

I hadn't thought about twosie balls for a long time until I happened across a similar sounding recipe on A Vision Splendid, another blog I enojy.

I made her recipe, except I fashioned it into balls rather than square slices. I agree with her assessment: very tasty indeed.


Paula said...

Found your blog at Mosie's early this morning. Like it very much.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your post made me laugh - isn;t it funny how families have words for toilet functions - we had similar ones in our family.
Am just off to check that recipe as they look very good.

BusyWoman said...

Hi there Leilani Lee.

Thank you for the link to my blog.
I was able to follow somebody else back here to find you!

They certainly look good. Last time we made them we were a little heavy handed with the peppermint and thought that they had an almost 'rum ball' sort of taste. That's when we thought they would make a great healthy alternative for christmas.

I will be back again to look at your great site.


A Vision Splendid

Anonymous said...

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