Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moths, mice, and the ravages of time

For quite a few years I cleaned peoples' houses to earn extra money. But sometimes what was even better than the dollar bills I carried away in my pocket was the really cool stuff I was given. Stuff that was no longer wanted: books... food.... clothes... curtains... all sorts of goodies.

I could hardly believe my good fortune when one day, one of the women whose house I cleaned pointed to a stack of blankets and said, "help yourself." And I was happy to help myself. I brought home two blankets. One of them covers the recliner in the living room; the other one, a beautiful, soft blanket made in Peru out of 50% alpaca wool, 40% virgin wool, and 10% cotton, is on the bed.

I feel so organic sleeping under it. 

Yes, it is just a tad itchy against the skin, but it is forms a very nice cap on the layer of blankets under it.

When I got the blanket out as Fall was sliding into winter and the temperatures began to drop at night, fuzz began flying in all directions and I was dismayed to see that time has not been particularly kind to this blanket.

The moths and mice have taken their toll;

I suspect I have not stored the blanket properly against the heat and humidity of the summer.

But it still has a few good years left. If it becomes too threadbare, and I am feeling very ambitious, I might attempt to make a pieced top for it.


Paula said...

A lady I know told me people who she cleaned for gave her such nice things but because of benefits she still works cleaning at the hospital.

Oklahoma Granny said...

The blanket looks oh so warm, even if a bit scratchy. I hope you have a few more years with it.