Monday, May 17, 2010

If we had a gas oven, I would stick my head inside

At 7 o’clock this morning he asks me if I want potato for dinner tonight. We have already established that I am going to eat for dinner the leftover Eggs in Hell that I took to the breakfast at church yesterday morning. This recipe, from How To Cook a Wolf, a cookbook by MFK Fisher (which my mother gave me as a present) was something new for these born-and-bred Missouri Ozarkers, and was actually very well received.

Eggs in Hell

Chop an onion and saute in a couple tbsp of olive oil along with a garlic clove with a toothpick in it. If possible, use a heavy cast iron skillet with a lid.

Add 2 cups of tomato sauce (if you are counting calories, skip sauteeing everything in olive olive first) and 1 tsp mixed herbs (basil, thyme), 1 tsp chopped parsley and some pepper (I usually skip adding salt because of the high sodium content in the tomato sauce).   

Simmer this for about 15 minutes. Then carefully tip 8 eggs into the sauce (I usually crack the eggs into a small bowl first so I can fish out the egg shell), turn the heat down, and cover. Cook on very low heat until the eggs are done. If you have time, you can even turn the heat off and the heat from the cast iron skillet will cook the eggs. Fish out the garlic clove and discard (I don't keep garlic on hand so I just add garlic powder).

It is supposed to be served on top of toasted French bread. It could be made Mexican-style by changing the spices 

Answering his question is not quite as simple as simply saying “yes” or “no.” Things must be considered. The alternative to potato would be rice, or no carb at all. Yesterday was a diet disaster. There was chocolate gravy for the biscuits. I had never had chocolate gravy. It was amazing.

Then one must ask (1) How much potato is already cooked? and (2) how long has it been in the refrigerator? Occasionally he gets a bit carried away, cooks too much, and then it has to be thrown out because it gets slimy. These are Yukon Gold potatoes. One simply cannot bear to think of Yukon Gold potatoes being thrown out.

I know he has already cooked rice – two kinds in fact; basmati, and a mixture of brown rice and wild rice.

So I have to think, what would taste good with Eggs in Hell. We discuss alternatives. He begins to get animated.

He begins to bounce a bit, wave his hands, and shout: 

Just tell me if you want rice or potato!  

We start laughing hysterically, although we are not sure exactly why this is so funny.

So, I finally decide: Give me the potato and add enough rice to make 88 calories.

Thank you, he says! He is very grateful I have come to a decision. I am very grateful we do not have a gas oven.


Far Side of Fifty said...

You two are about organization..and up at 7 AM..I am impressed. Chocolate Gravy..was it on ice cream?:)

Leilani Lee said...

The chocolate gravy was on biscuits. I know it sounds weird, think of warm creamy chocolate pudding.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I love chocolate gravy and the egg dish sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love your stories, Leilani. Like reading a good book. We're praying for Nathaniel. He's probably out of surgery, but I haven't heard.