Saturday, May 22, 2010

Robin Hood

One of the very first movies that I can remember watching was a very early version of Robin Hood. I was in kindergarten, and the teacher showed the movie during the afternoon quiet time. I am almost sure this was the one made in 1938 with Errol Flynn.

And I have seen many more of them over the years. How can one not like the idea of a Robin Hood? Battling the rich to redistribute wealth to the poor, standing up for the little guy against the injustices of the corrupt powers that be. This basic plot has been repeated in many other movies – including the Hispanic version featuring the handsome Don Diego, transforming into Zorro, which was one of my favorite TV programs in the early 60s.

I especially enjoyed the Robin Hood movie where Alan Rickman played the Sheriff of Nottingham. He was so wonderfully evil in that role. I also liked the “later years” version with Sean Connery as a much older Robin than we are used to seeing, tired and rather world-weary, and the Audrey Hepburn as a lovely Marian, who is also feeling her age.

And now yet another Robin Hood movie is offered for our viewing pleasure, this time with Russell Crowe.

Our boy is not Robin Hood, if anything, he would be one of the poor to whom a Robin Hood would be redistributing the wealth, but he has taken up shooting with a compound bow...

 and his practice, practice, practice, is paying off.

He has worked hard on improving his form.

He finally got his eyes checked and his prescription adjusted so he could see the target better...

And I am rather proud of him. I am even more proud of him for his strength of character. He has managed to pay off all of the money he owed  us and soon will be able to once again have an independent life.


Oklahoma Granny said...

I, too, enjoy Robin Hood movies. Do you remember the t.v. series? The theme song went, "Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen, Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his band of men. . ."

Congratulations to your son on his accomplishments. You have good reason to be a proud momma!

Leilani Lee said...

Robin Hood TV series? Uhhh. Uhhh. I don't know. Maybe. It's like an itch there needing to be scratched. Geez I hate this part of getting old.

Cloudia said...

I'm proud of him and YOU!

Aloha from Hawaii

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