Friday, June 11, 2010

How not to take a picture in a mirror

My beautician called a few nights ago. You need to sleep, she said. You take something if you need to. You take care of yourself.

So, I took her advice. I got some herbal stuff to help me sleep, and last night I managed to sleep straight through until 4 am, which was a huge improvement over the night before.

I actually feel good today. I have hope, and optimism.

I also got my hair cut today. I was in desperate need. I look better and I certainly feel better.

I attempted to take pictures of me getting my hair cut. It didn’t quite work out. I am sure there is a technique to this but I don’t have it figured out, yet. 

The only picture that I got with me looking at me..

well, you can see what happened.

My beautician is one of those Steel Magnolia women. It was a great comfort to talk to her today. Better therapy than I could have gotten at $200 an hour in a psychiatrist's office. She and her husband have walked through the fire of pain and grief. Their teenaged daughter died of cancer. She encouraged me more than I can say. I have a feeling Richard and I will be talking with them frequently in the months to come.


Paula said...

Glad you have someone who has been there to talk to. The picture looks nice.

Cathy said...

Hello there
Not sure what is the way of doing it without being in the picture - some people seem to have the knack, when you find out maybe you could let me know 'cose I certainly don't have it lol
I think you have found your sounding block and it certainly will be good for both of you to have long talks with her.
Maybe a blow wave once a week is in order??

Oklahoma Granny said...

Hang in there. God is in control and He's given you a special friend to talk to.

Tami said...

Your new "do" is fab!

I've been a very naughty blogger lately.....

I'm so sorry to read about this traumatic experience w/your Son. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is your son.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey, some sleep and a new do will perk you are in my prayers!:)