Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing with the stapler again?

Every once in a while a glimmer of normalcy breaks through the fog of the future that sort of hangs over us. Laughter is heard once again.

The day after he came home from the hospital, he started talking about the Amazing Stories segment “Go to the Head of the Class,” where some students attempt to kill their professor, played by Christopher Lloyd, but it doesn’t quite work.

He tries to describe how strange his head feels.

"I’m going to take my Christopher Lloyd head and go to bed," he says.

On another day Richard begins making jokes about the row of staples across the top of his head.

Have you been playing with the stapler again?, he asks
On Sunday the great stress reliever: He made us mad, and we sort of yelled at him.

He is not supposed to drive for 2 weeks, but earlier in the day we told him he could start his car and drive up and down the access road. There is virtually no traffic on the access road, and to keep him from fretting about his car going dead,  we figured it would be OK since there was nil chance of him endangering anybody else by slow reflexes.

A little while later, he wants to know if he can drive to McDonald’s and get a hamburger. McDonald’s is about 3/4 mile away. However, the intersection there is very is busy. Traffic comes directly off the freeway across two lanes of traffic into the parking lot, and going back out and onto the on-ramps. Traffic from town coming and going turning left and right into and out of the parking lot. There have been a fair number of wrecks there.

Richard sort of let him have it: “You are trying to use us to say it is OK for you to ignore the doctor’s instructions that you are not supposed to drive for 2 weeks.”

Yesterday, after they got back from seeing the oncologist, a friend and her daughter came by the house with some homemade chicken and noodles. He bends his head to show her. “I have gotten into some serious body piercing in the last week,” he jokes.


Oklahoma Granny said...

It's good that you can find some humor in the situation.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Humor is a good stress reliever, it is good that you are all home together again:)