Saturday, October 30, 2010

I play it safe

For about 15 minutes this morning my blog had one of the most beautiful banners that I have ever created.

I received an amazing card in the mail.

Go ahead. Click on the link and look at it. I'll wait for you.

Ain't it beautiful?

I took a photograph of it and create the banner and uploaded it, but then I had second thoughts about it, so I asked my husband who is an expert in all things legal having to do with copyright if what I did violated the artist's copyright. 

Absolutely, he said.

So I thought about getting permission from the artist  (click on that link too -- pretty amazing) to use the artwork -- which I have done in the past -- but I decided not to pursue it for the time being.

Richard informs me that there is a group of attorneys whose main business is suing bloggers for violating the copyrights of other people. So.... I decided to pay it safe.

Doggone it.


Oklahoma Granny said...

That's why I've never used anything but pictures I've taken. Lawyers can be scary people!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I only use my own is a scary world out there. It would have been a beautiful header..but I bet you can create something similar if you try:)