Friday, January 07, 2011

What’s the Evil Squeaker-do doing?

That is usually among the first of the questions our son asks me as I walk into his room for our morning visit.

What she is usually doing is annoying the heck out of us – either wanting out because she is tired of being cooped up in the house – or wanting in after she is outside for a few minutes and realizes it is simply just too cold for those precious little kitty paws.

But then she does what all cats seem to have knack for doing – melting your heart when you would like to strangle them. Under the sewing machine is a large basket full of balls of yarn and she has found one, hooked it out with her needle claws, and is demonstrating to an appreciative audience...

all of her skills as the great kitty hunter.

She will kill it dead, no doubt about it.

It escapes several times, and she chases it down.

 After having sufficiently subdued it,

she wanders off to take a nap, leaving me to pick up the aftermath.

He misses his kitty, and we have loaded her up in the cat carrier and taken her to the nursing home several times. He gets to pet her a little and scratch her head, which she loves, but she is too frightened to do much more than cower at the back of the carrier or hide under the bed.


Donna said...

Cats can be so funny.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm sure she misses your son as much as he misses her.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It's good for him to see her..she must just be one of those fraidy seems she entertains herself quite well:)

Mary said...

Our cat eats yarn and string so we have to watch him close.