Monday, May 23, 2011

Would you like that hockey puck with molasses or jelly?

I’ll take molasses, sorghum if you have any…

Richard on occasion has been rather underwhelmed at my prowess at combining flour, milk, fat, baking powder, and salt and turning out a delectable biscuit (I have also had some trouble with cinnamon roles, but that is another story.)

The problem was that I refused to use white flour or solid fat. I would insist on using whole-wheat flour and canola oil (I do have a recipe for oil biscuits).

They have always tasted OK, but light and fluffy they ain’t, and he could not resist referring to them as hockey pucks. I myself on occasion also referred to them as hockey pucks.

When we started our diet – whoops – I meant to say “permanent change in the way we eat” about 5 years ago, I quit making biscuits all together, but Richard has grown very, very, very, tired of not being able to eat things he enjoys, so once a week on Sunday, we eat stuff that we are not supposed to eat. And a few weeks ago he decided he wanted biscuits, and I caved bought white flour and used butter. And I made us some biscuits.

Our son took a shine to ice hockey when he lived in St Louis, and when we went to California in November, my brother was gracious enough to take him to a L.A. Kings’ hockey match. Now my brother has a friend who has connections with the Kings, and so they arrived several hours before he game and went “back stage” hung out and met the players and watched them practice, and Nathaniel recovered a hockey puck that had been flipped out of the rink.


I just thought I’d do a comparison test of my latest batch of biscuits with the proverbial hockey puck.

I think I came out on top.


Tami Weingartner said...

That biscuit looks divine. If your Hubby complains about that one then he's never been smacked in the chops w/a hockey puck...this might be a time to teach him the difference.

Cathy said...

Hello Leilani
I've been very lax over the past month or two and am slowly catching up on the many blogs I've not visited. Its good to hear both of you are slowly returning to 'normal'.
Dumplings are not mentioned in our house because each time I try to make them they 'disappear' and we have the thickest gravy you could imagine lol

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh Jelly..and that biscuit looks divine:)