Monday, February 20, 2012

Rolling in graves…

The woman who announced the musical group Bach to the Future at the concert we attended Saturday night mentioned that were they able, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and other great composers of the classical music that this amazing group of musicians is tinkering with might be rolling in their graves by the time the concert was over. She warned us that it was not going to be a typical classical music concert.  

And indeed it wasn’t. But it was wonderful.

Frankly, I think Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart would be thrilled that their music is still being played, and that clever young (well, at 60-something, even folks who might be in their 40s suddenly seem young) musicians are doing things to keep it interesting.

Very interesting. Unless one holds that their music is sacred and must not be tinkered with for any reason.   

We don’t go out too often, so it was a real treat to have date. And even better, we saw Judy and Charlie walk in the auditorium and so we got up out of our seats and went to meet them. Seeing them come in was hidden blessing, because the seats we had picked were too close to the front and I think it would have been too loud.

And I almost felt like a silly high school kid meeting up with friends at an event. Judy said later her face hurt from smiling so much. Mine too.  I believe I actually laughed out loud at the very end of the concert, when the fellow who was playing the piano/synthesizer said that their last piece would be a synergy of music from two of the greatest composers: Beethoven and…. I was curious who he would pick…. Carlos Santana. That sent me off on a trip back to memory lane to a Santana concert I attended in 1969 or 1970.

And the band launched into the haunting opening strains of Black Magic Woman and then here came the opening bars of Beethoven’s Fifth. It was magic all right.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

I haven't heard of the group before. Thank you for introducing me to their music!