Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bringing in the sleeves…

I suppose everyone has their own reasons for why they don’t like going to the dentist. Perhaps it was an unfortunate experience in which the tooth to be worked on was not quite numb when the drilling started, or perhaps it is just the feeling of helplessness with you lying almost prone unable to talk and the dentist and the assistant hovering over you, as so aptly portrayed by the master cartoonist Gary Larson…

I have already written in an earlier post about my fear of loosing my teeth, so I don’t have to rehash that, but I do take very good care of my teeth and am faithful about having them cleaned and checked for problems. And the last time I went, I did indeed have two small areas that were being “watched” and that had progressed to cavities that needed to be filled. This was not really bad news because I have extremely weak teeth and these are the first fillings I have needed for perhaps 5 years or more.

So I returned from an hour or so of being worked on, with part of my face numb and drool threatening to leak from the corners of my mouth, and Richard meets me at the door to the bedroom.

Can you please explain to me what that hymn Bringing in the Sleeves is about? What does it mean “We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sleeves?” I gave him what I imagine was a lopsided smile and started to explain….

The word isn’t “sleeves” sweetie… it is sheaves. It comes from a verse….”

But then I saw the expression on his face and I realized he was teasing me.

I think living with someone who fancied himself a comedian and was always “on” would become very tiring very quickly. And fortunately, he is not a comedian in that sense. But he has enough of a sense of humor to liven up the grayest day and to balance out other aspects of his personality that sometimes make me a little crazed, and that is the one thing about him that I truly cherish.


Far Side of Fifty said...

It is good to have a husband that can make you smile! I hope the dental work was not too painful, I hate going too. I dream sometimes that I break teeth.. but when I wake up they are all intact:)

Linda Kay said...

Nice to have a comedian in the family, some of the time! I'm a white-knuckle dentist patient!

Elli H. Radinger said...

Oh how I can relate to that. Thank God, my dentist is also my brother. So before I even sit down for treatment, I sream "anesthetize!". He rolls his eyes and gives me a big grin - plus the injection.

You're not alone, Leilani!