Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Appropriate Attire

It is not often that a person can do more than just glance at the sun without risking damage to their eyesight. But this morning, I could.

When I left the house at 6 a.m. to walk and pick up trash, the sun was rising up through haze on the horizon, it was huge (as the moon also is as it rises) and was a brilliant orange, but damped so I could look right at it. It was glorious.

It reminded me so much of home. The city in Southern California where I was raised is about 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean, and often in the early evening fog would come in off the ocean, and as the sun set, it would become damped and easily viewed.

Well, the beautiful vision this morning only lasted a few minutes, because the sun rises quickly and moved through the haze and then gradually got too bright to look at.

Now, on these hot summer days, I knock around the house in a pair of Richard’s old boxer shorts, with the fly sewn shut, on top of my regular underwear. Cool and comfortable and eminently practical. We have some zone air conditioning in the part of the house where I work, and Richard has a unit in his office, but the central part of the house is not air conditioned and it gets hot as the day wears on.

So I’m galumphing along and spotted some trash. And as I looked down to grab it with the picker-upper, I happened to look down and realized I forgot to put my regular walking shorts on top of Richard’s old boxer shorts.

How embarrassing. Fortunately, there is not a whole lot of traffic on the highway at 6 a.m. Yeah, people are heading to work, but I figure people on the highway who saw me walking were going too fast to register that I was wearing men's underwear.

And even more fortunately I did not meet the two women who I regularly see walking on our frontage road on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I don’t always walk on our frontage road or cross the highway and walk on that frontage road, but if I do and they are also walking, then we pass each other coming and going. There is plenty of time to check each other out. One of the women always wears tight yoga pants and the other one always wears knee-length shorts and a blouse or t-shirt (see?).

Fortunately, this morning they had not started their walk, so I got away with it.


Far Side of Fifty said...

One time I wore snow boots with shorts to the grocery store...I was working in the greenhouse and my feet were cold:) At least that is my excuse.
People dress all different ways now a days ...the ladies probably wouldn't have noticed:) I say dress comfortable!!

Donna. W said...

Since I walk in our pasture, I can pretty much wear whatever I want. Only one neighbor would be able to see me out her window. Yesterday and today I walked in a nightgown and housecoat at 6 AM.

Henny Penny said...

People sure wear what they want to these days. I see men and women in Walmart shopping wearing pajama bottoms and big fuzzy bedroom slippers. That's funny about the boxer shorts. I love to read your posts. Thanks for the information about turtles liking tomatoes. I throw all the bad tomatoes into the chickens. Recently I found a good size turtle inside the lot too. Have no idea how he got in. I helped him out to a safer place. We pick up trash too when we walk the dogs. Can't imagine why people litter like they do. It's disgusting.