Friday, December 23, 2005

Lord of the kitchen...

Page back to the blog entry I can’t figure it out for a “then” picture. That really wasn’t such an unusual sight on a day-to-day basis, especially when I had a lot of editing work to do. I don’t happen to have a “now” picture, but while I was in California, R decided to take over the kitchen. He has been less than happy with my housekeeping lo these many years—especially in the kitchen--and so now he has become Lord of the kitchen. He does the dishes after every meal (and empties the water in the dishpan), he cleans the counter, and he sweeps the floor. The kitchen has not looked this good in years. It gave me a very weird feeling, but I’ve decided to let it go and let him do it. He jokes that he is becoming more and more like my own father, who similarly took over the kitchen when he retired 25 years ago. My dad also does the laundry, but R hasn’t made any comments about taking over the laundry. I can always hope.

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