Monday, December 19, 2005

Chaos at the feeding station

The “suet” feeders that I hang in front of several windows have been mobbed by a small army of yellow-rumped warblers ( Only a few showed up last year, so this sudden invasion is an unexpected surprise. I am thrilled to see them; however, we must not take a lesson from them. They are not polite, they are not patient, they do not share, and they do not cooperate. Another LGB (little grey bird) that I have yet to identify is also helping itself to the “suet—some warblers in their fall and winter plumage are difficult to differentiate and it may even be a vireo. I don’t have time to pour over the bird guide at the moment. Almost immediately upon returning home from my vacation, I was required to once again put my nose back on the grindstone.

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