Thursday, October 26, 2006


The Ozarks has its share of trees that do themselves proud when it comes time to dress up for the Fall color show. The drive to the dentist the other morning was quite a visual treat. I can only imagine though what it must be like in some areas of New England where there are large tracts of sugar maple that turn such spectacular colors. There are sugar maples here. People have planted them in their yards and the seeds have spread and they are now growing wild. We discovered, much to our delight, a small forest of sugar maples have sprouted up right where our driveway meets the frontage road. Why they couldn’t have sprouted close to the house – say in our yard – is a bit of a disappointment, but nonetheless, we got a visual treat for a week or so as we walked out to get the mail.

Seeing the tree reminds me of the best birthday present our son ever got me. About 10 years ago or so, he arranged for a friend who owned a plane to take us for a 30 minute plane ride over the countryside. The yellows, browns, golds and red of the various trees in the forest were laid out like a beautiful patchwork quilt. It was so beautiful. It was such an incredibly thoughtful, caring, and generous thing for him to do. It's a very good memory of him to hold on to.

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