Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ta da dump, ta da dump, ta da dump, dump, dump

We tend to lament what the university has done to the old downtown section of West Plains. Instead of locating the satellite campus on the outskirts of town where it could grow unimpeded, they stuck right down in the older section of town, amongst the old Victorian houses. So as the campus has spread, the old homes have come down -- along with the all the trees that were so beautiful in the fall . It's a shame, but on the other hand, if it weren't for the college we woulldn't have a civic center and a performing arts program and we would not have gotten to hear the orchestra from St Olaf College last night. What a treat for us to get a bit of culture and listen to a top-notch orchestra perform some wonderful music. And with the senior discout, it only cost $5 for the both of us. Amazing. There was a sentimental reason to hear them as well. The youngest son of a family I have known for quite a long time, and with whom I had a fairly close relationship, attends the college and plays the cello with the orchestra. When I first met them, he was just a little kid. My, how time files. They are moving away to Nebraska soon and our face-to-face friendship will be over. At any rate, the first selection performed by orchestra last night was the William Tell Overture, an extremely well-known bit of music. How many times have the “storm,” “call to the dairy cows” and the “calvary charge” been heard in popular culture apart from the music hall. Lots. Warner Bros cartoons, Walt Disney cartoons, commercials, and of course, the Lone Ranger. I can’t imagine that any of the students sitting on the stage last night have ever seen the Lone Ranger, which was off the air as first run episodes long before any of them were born. At any rate, as I sat there listening to this wonderfully performed music, I could feel the stress and strain of a long day at work slowly lifting, and when the “ta da dump” section started, I wanted to shout with joy “Hi-yo Silver, away! (Who was that masked man?).

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