Monday, August 06, 2007

...And other animals

The wonderful English actress (Imelda Staunton) who did such an excellent job as the evil Dolores Umbridge in the film “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was just as excellent as the delightful mother in “My Family and Other Animals” that was presented on Masterpiece Theater on PBS. I remember it well when Senator John McCain, during hearings on cutting funding proclaimed that we didn’t need PBS any more because comparable quality programming was available on A&E and Bravo. That may have been true then, but it isn’t now; that’s for sure (I say, that’s for sure). At this point, our family has invited only one animal to share the indoors with us, the Idiot Kitty. But there always seem to be some uninvited animals in the house. Yesterday morning when R was getting ready for church, he stuck his foot in the shoe he was going to wear and promptly pulled it out again. The shoe was full of sunflower seeds. In the week since last Sunday, some “thing” had been very busy at night while we are asleep blazing a trail from the bucket of sunflower seeds by the back door to the spot where the shoes are kept. Now, where is that Idiot Kitty when we need her?

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E. H. Radinger said...

Hi Lee Lee.
Just a quick hello from Germany.
(My regular e-mail doesn't seem to get through to you) I'm still here and I just have published my new book about the loss of a dog. (I guess we all can relate to that...) I enjoy reading your blog and keep in touch that way. If you find a way to read German, have a look at my blob at
and check out the second last entry with the link to a video. It is in English and about a buffalo in Africa. Really great.
All the best