Saturday, August 11, 2007

I’ve looked at clouds...

Searching the clouds for interesting shapes is one of my favorite things to do. R is not interested in what I see – he never looks when I point out a particular cloud with a shape that resembles a familiar object, animal, or a person’s profile. Today as we emerged from the driveway onto the frontage road to get the mail, I note many interesting cloud formations.

Me: “Oh, look! Look at the clouds! Oh, oh, oh! I see a baboon!”

I had been working on a manuscript about xenotransplantation involving baboons. It could just as easily have been a bear. He turns and looks at me.

R: “So do I.”

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E. H. Radinger said...

Hi L.

Do you see the extra line at the end or beginning of each entry?? I suddenly found something like that in my blog too, which I did NOT put in. I think that this is some sort of spam or whatever. I took it out manually, but I will report it to the blog owners.
Any idea what this is???