Monday, August 20, 2007

Stop and smell the....

I’ll pass, thanks. This blossom opened yesterday (it's about 12 inches across), and within an hour or so, it was covered in flies who were drawn to its odor. A rose it ain’t. Sometimes I wonder if my life isn’t just a bit dull that I would get so excited about a stinky flower, but it has been many years since this plant has bloomed. I guess the almost unbearable hot weather we have been having is just what it likes, which isn’t surprising seeing that these starfish carrion plants are native to South Africa. I posted another picture of this plant in bloom in February. That picture was taken some 17 years ago, and I had already had the plant for some years before that photo was taken. That the plant has managed to survive ME for more at least 20 years is quite remarkable, I think.

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