Friday, January 23, 2009


Earlier in the week, I had some real hope that perhaps our son was going to be free... free at last, free at last... from the disastrous relationship he has been involved in for the last 4 years.

And that hope lasted all of two days.

Perhaps I can be forgiven a bit for wallowing in nostalgia in the last few posts. Sometimes it is easier to retreat into the past as a way of medicating the disappointments and sadness of the present.

I used to visit an old woman once a week. She had given birth to 5 children and had buried 3 of them. One had died as a 2-year-old some 65 years earlier, and the other 2 were adults when they passed. She had kept every knick knack and every present the older ones had given her over the years, and they filled every nook and cranny of her apartment. And as she approached 90, and the clock of her life began winding down, she spent hour after hour just sitting in her chair looking at these things and remembering her children.

I tend to want to do that with our son. But, I realize that other people can only look at so many pictures of a cute little kid before getting rather bored with it.

Some years ago I became friends with a woman in Germany, Elli, who did translation work for our mail order business. She loves wolves and has made many trips to Yellowstone to observe them since they were reintroduced into the park.

She sent me an e-mail yesterday...

I'm leaving for wolf watching in Yellowstone tomorrow, so I do have a lot of packing and organizing to do....

Congratulations for your new president. I watched all day long, the election and the inauguration. So much hope for everybody. But there is still hard work ahead.

I'll howl to the wolves for you :-))

Elli, tell you what. I think I just may do some howling myself



Cathy said...

Hello Leilani

Sometimes it hurts to see them hurt but theres not much we can do but be there. To get involved emotionally doesn't do any good either, for you or the 'child'

I know .....I've been there.

They have to sort it out for themselves....that way we can never be accused of interfering

Take care and enjoy the week

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sometimes you just have to put your blinders on and let them figure it out for themselves. :)