Monday, January 26, 2009

Come travel away with me...

The highlight of the weekend was that our septic tank suddenly decided it was too full and nothing is moving out into the lateral lines. The toilet will not flush. This is not a problem for the yellow stuff: Pee in a bucket and empty it down the bathtub drain (gray water goes somewhere else). Not quite so easy to deal with the other need; fortunately, the church is next door and we have a key, so it is a minor inconvenience to drive up to take care of business.

We may not always be able to use the church bathroom, so we have had discussion about buying a "porta-potty." There used to be an outhouse not too far from the back door that fell over a few years after we moved here, but Richard building one of those? Not in this lifetime.

We hope the septic man will come out today with his big tank trunk and pump the tank.

We were going to leave early this morning, stop by the dentist to pick up my mouth guard, and then head west to Springfield. However, a winter storm (freezing rain etc) is in the forecast for Springfield, which will gradually move in our direction, so there would be no escaping it if we went. Plus, Richard needs to stay home and wait for the septic man. I will go by myself to get the mouth guard -- no more clenching my jaw while I work. Richard was laughing last night as he got out the roll of duct tape and began taping up splits in the rim of a plastic trash can where the handles are. "We're spending $300 on a mouth guard, but are too cheap to spend $10 on a new trash can." Yep, you got it.

In a recent post, Weaver of Grass wrote about books she would choose to take on a desert island; actually, I hope she meant "deserted island." She might not survive on a desert island long enough to do much reading. But I digress. And she mentioned Travels With Charlie as one of them. I had to go dig that book out and brush the dust off. I have written about that book before on this post. In the meantime, I have gotten to know a standard poodle that belongs to a friend. What a great dog he is. He is not a foo-foo dog with a ridiculous hair cut like one sees on the poodles on televised dog shows, and nothing at all like the yappy little toy poodles I have met in the past.

I think I'll just take my mind off the plumbing problems and the weather and travel away with Charlie...

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The Weaver of Grass said...

I could travel with Charley every day Lee Lee - I never tire of reading his wonderful prose. The copy I have now I bought in Borders in Scottsdale last year - and that adds to my love of it - to actually buy a copy in the US.