Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being there

One of the things we often say about the idiot kitty (at least that is printable and suitable for viewing by all ages) is that “She wants to be where she isn’t.”

If she is outside, she wants in.

If she is inside, she wants out. Makes for an interesting day. I get a lot of exercise opening the door for her.

We left the Los Angeles area in 1979, where we had been born and raised, and where our son was born, so that we could raise him in a more rural environment. We bounced around Oregon for 2 years, and then we headed East and landed here.

The culture shock has abated somewhat in recent years because the university has put a campus in a nearby town and has begun to offer amusements – film series, stage productions, concerts, performers, lecture series.

But still, there is an aura about the Very Big City. I love looking at this blog, and I occasionally am filled with longing to be “there.”

And never more than this past week when my cousin, who has moved even farther East, clear to Washington, DC, e-mailed me about going on a art show guided lecture at the National Gallery of Art, on "Dutch Cityscapes” and also taking in a photography exhibit.

The National Gallery of Art. Oh my. I found myself feeling rather green with envy. I have an "Art Museum Tour" widget on my home page, but I can only imagine what it would be like to actually stand in front of some of those paintings.

On my to-do list is "Plan a trip to Washington, DC." But I think after a few days of being “there”, in the Very Big City, I would probably be desperate to be back “here....”


Anonymous said...

So, figure out a time when you can come obviously aren't allergic to cats, we have three inside and one outide cats, so can stay in our guestroom. Your only expense will be your transportation here, and your time. Your "east coast" cousin in DC.

Tami said...

Washington my very favorite escape for two days big city. Love it! Off to check out the site you like.

The Weaver of Grass said...

How I can relate to what you say. After living most of my teaching life in a city with access to theatre, music and art, I now live way out in the country. I wouldn't change where I live for the world - nature is all around me and i love the peace and tranquility but sometimes I do so miss that buzz of culture.