Monday, February 02, 2009

Flashback 1: Gettin' out.

Instead of just hunkering down for a couple of days after a ice and snow storm has hit, my husband seems to have a compulsion to go to town for no real reason except, I guess, to prove that he can. Someone I e-mail regularly lives in Vermont and says his dad does the same thing. He thinks it has to do with refusing to accept restrictions on one's ability to roam freely.

The truck was so iced up that Richard couldn't get the doors open, so he started up the Toyota, which was in the garage, and went to town - without a shovel, mind you. He got stuck twice in piles of snow and ice that the city trucks had left. Fortunately, one of the city workers happened by while he was struggling and helped him get free.

Next morning he decided he would put the snow tires on the truck and go to town. And he got out the rubber mallet and went to work.

Whap whap whap...

Whap, whap...

Whap.... whap.... whap.

And he went to town.... for no reason at all.

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