Monday, February 01, 2010

Free at last... free at last?

It has been a very hard thing for us as parents to stand on the sidelines and watch our Boy get tangled up in a relationship that we could see was going to be a disaster. Not much we could do about it except tell him what we thought, on occasion.

But him moving back in with us did not end the relationship. It drug on...and on... and on because he couldn’t bring himself to hurt her feelings by just ending it.

But he did manage to stick to his guns (stick to his guns? What the heck does that mean?) by saying “NO” when she kept pressuring him to go back with her, and this weekend it has been 5 weeks since she has called him on the phone.

Five weeks, friends and neighbors! He and I did a little happy dance last night. In the past, she has been nothing if not persistent, so perhaps our celebration is a bit premature. But it sure feels good.


Oklahoma Granny said...

It sure is hard being a parent in that type of situation. So glad it has finally seemed to work itself out.

Paula said...

Oh boy can I relate to this with a daughter and a grandson. The comment would be too long so I'll just say hope the young lady has gone on to someone else and stays there.

Leilani Lee said...

Me too!!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Fingers crossed LL>

Kathy said...

The best of luck to your son. That's a difficult thing.

Isn't is something how as a parent we don't only have our own lives and emotions to deal with...but we have our children's too. Someone asked me when you stop worrying about your kids....I told them I would let them know when it happens. My kids are 26, 29 and 35! :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope that however it turns out that your son is happy...but it sounds like you are both relieved so YAY!! :)