Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Thing Forgotten

Just like I do every other morning, when I got up at 5:30 this morning, I gave my screaming bladder some relief, washed my hands, took my night guard out and brushed it, and brushed my teeth, and then I got dressed.

And then I went to work.

Some two hours later I hear the Richard's house-slipper shuffle coming across the linoleum in the kitchen and dining area and heading toward where I work and then I hear him "heh heh heing" behind me.

What? I don't turn around.

You forgot to comb your hair and you look like you have stuck your finger in a light socket. But that's OK, I forgot to comb my own hair too.

But actually, it is not OK, because on more than one occasion I have lept up from the computer at 7:45 and raced out of the house to get to my 8:00 AM aerobics class without bothering to look at myself in the bathroom mirror before charging out the door.

Must remember to add "brush  hair" to the morning routine.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Too funny!

Paula said...

I was lazy this morning and didn't go to Curves. Haven't combed my hair either. Have a good day.