Saturday, February 06, 2010

No! I Am NOT Doing It Again

We have definitely passed into the CRS stage of life -- as in can’t remember stuff unless we write it down -- but, as long as our memories don’t fail us completely, he will always remind me of something I did several years ago. 

For whatever reason -- and I have no idea why I did this (didn't I just mention we were at the CRS stage of life?) -- I stuck several half-filled plastic jars of coffee in the freezer, which we eventually discovered when we were emptying the freezer to defrost it. 

I have no idea why I froze the coffee. Perhaps we were going on vacation and the coffee was left over. I can't stand to waste anything, and so I guess I froze it instead of pouring it down the drain. 

Or, maybe I got the brilliant idea to make a shaved iced coffee. Yes. That's it. Shaved iced coffee.

So yesterday at lunch as he was kneeling before the refrigerator god getting out food, he hands me a jar half-filled with muddy brown liquid.

Him: What is this?

Me: Oh, that is coffee from yesterday afternoon that tasted nasty, and so I....

Him (interrupting me before I can finish): Oh my God (and he means this as in a cry for help). She is doing it again....

No. I’m not. Honest. 

I dumped in some more milk and a bit of Starbucks Sugar-Free Mocha-Flavored syrup and I drank it after lunch. And it was good.

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Paula said...

Welcome to the club. I'm afraid to see what is in the back of my fridge.