Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One should always have a fresh whisker biscuit

I like the fact that even though I passed the far side of 50 some time ago, I am not too old to learn new things. Even when my mom was in her 80s, she talked about how she was still learning new things and how exciting life was and it kept her young at heart even as her body was slowly sliding into death. At any rate, keeping one’s mind alert and active does wonders to help us feel like we are young in our heads – even if our bodies tells us otherwise.

I learned something yesterday.

The boy went to town to buy some things he needed and when he came back he announced he had bought a new whisker biscuit for his compound bow. And he was very elated that he had managed to get the old whisker biscuit off and the new one installed correctly.

A whisker biscuit?

Between gales laughter, my beloved and I choked out the question, “What the heck is a whisker biscuit?”

Well, this is a whisker biscuit...

It is round like a biscuit and it has these whiskery things. It is an arrow rest.

And I learned something new today. I learned how to take the little memory dohickey out of my digital camera and put it in the reader and transfer the photos onto my new and improved computer. I feel like I’ve shaved 10 years off my mental age.

Richard found this little toad in the garage this morning, and he brought it to me, and I am especially pleased with how the photos turned out.

He is sitting on the edge of the concrete bird bath in our yard.

There were ants crawling on it.

I love the colors of its warty skin, which you can see if you click on the picture. A few seconds after this, it hopped in the bird bath, I fished it out and put it in a shady place by the basement. Be safe, little toad.


Oklahoma Granny said...

I've always said a person should learn something new everyday - no matter how big or how small. Thanks for my new thing today. I can't wait to ask my husband if he knows what a whisker biscuit is!

Great photos of the toad!


If a person whats to learn new things Mr. Google will be more than happy to give you information on almost anything you want to learn about.


Leilani Lee said...

Well of course Old Geezer is right. It is so much easier now to find out stuff than in the old days before the Internet when you had to go to the library or the set of encyclopedias on the shelf and look it up.