Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yes, we have bananas

Before Richard goes shopping, he surveys the occupants of the house and asks, “do you need anything," and if so, "how many do you want.” And he makes a list. And he buys according to what everybody has told him.

It drives him absolutely bananas (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) when certain people tell him they want something and then change their mind. Or, even worse,  or don’t tell him they want something, and change their mind and start eating something that he didn’t buy enough of for them to eat.

Bananas are a big problem in this house. 

Tuesday is banana day at the local market, and bananas are 19-cents a pound, which is cheap compared to what they usually are. If not enough bananas are bought on banana day, then we run out before next Tuesday. If too many bananas are bought, then they become overripe and nobody -- except me -- will eat them.

The last time he bought bananas, N ate R’s bananas, which caused a problem, and loud words were heard. So today when R was preparing his list, he asked everybody if they wanted bananas. Everybody did.

When Richard came home with the bananas, he held up three and said, “These are my bananas.”

Having grown somewhat tired of loud conversations about who has accidently eaten whose bananas, I decided to mark the bananas so there would be no questions asked.

“Aren’t you being a little obsessive?” he wants to know. 

There was a collective pause as two pairs of eyes focused on me.

ME! ME being obsessive?!?..."

And then we all laughed and…

Once more, the world was spinning in greased grooves

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