Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Riding in cars with frogs

Part of the routine every time I get in the car to go some place is to check that there are no turtles lurking behind the wheels.

One of the most sickening experiences of my life was hearing the crunch under the wheels of my car of a turtle that I did not see on the driveway. The fact that it was a turtle with eggs that had not yet been laid made it even worse.

I may now have to add another thing to the pretrip check list.

I was about halfway home from aerobics when my passenger and I both noticed I suddenly had a new hood ornament -- a small frog had appeared from somewhere and acted like it was not going to sit patently on the hood of the car until I got home. I was able to pull over, grab the frog before it made final leap onto the highway, and put it in a plastic bag for her to hold until I got back home.

I put it on a tree by the house...

 amazed once more at this marvelous little creature...

 and how well it blended in with the bark.

I am almost sure this is the same frog we have seen fairly regularly on our porch for the past few weeks. I guess I will now have to start checking the outside of the car for passengers.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely example of camouflage that frog and the tree trunk. I shudder at the thought of running over a turtle though.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Love the photos of the frog. Our lab-mix likes carrying turtles around in his mouth. My husband rescues them and releases them down by the pond but sooner or later Mikey comes dragging them back up to the house.

Paula said...

So kind of you to save the frog and take it back to it's usual surroundings. I probably wouldn't have wanted to touch it. I would try to tap it with a stick and get it to jump into the bag. lol